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designed by architects, crafted by hand. 


Beauty. Sturdiness. Usability. These are the three components that make up architecture. The perfect balance between form and function. Not only do they define architecture, they also are our guidelines for the development of our flower pots and planters. It’s what makes a COSAPOTS truly unique. Handcrafted perfection designed by and for architects and architecture lovers. 


COSAPOTS are pieces of art in which you can put a plant. By placing a COSAPOT you
instantly transform its environment. Garden, home, showroom, office or hotel lobby; every space is transformed into an instant gallery.

why cosapots


Beauty Timeless pieces of art, that's what we want our pots to be. Simple in its design emphasising the beauty of the plant it houses. Now and in the future. Handmade and with timeless, natural colours and finishes.

Sturdiness COSAPOTS are made from Cohesa, a unique material which is a combination of polyester, fibre glass and natural additives. COSAPOTS are made the same way exclusive yachts are, building layer after layer. The result is a very strong, frost resistant and lightweight planter.

Usability COSAPOTS feature a unique thin and deep rim not only making it look stunning, it also makes potting plants really easy. The pots also have cast-in sunk feet making lifting the pot easier and helping water to drain away underneath. 

Perfection is in the details.

for who?



Projects COSAPOTS offers a wide range of standard size flower pots and planters as well as custom made options to the project market. Get in touch, tell us a bit more about you and your project and get a tailored quote. 

Shops and retail For shops and resellers who are looking for an exclusive brand in handmade flower pots and planters COSAPOTS offers a unique package. Get in touch to learn more about our reseller program.

Home You only want the best for your home or garden? Timeless design and handmade flower pots and planters to really make an impression? COSAPOTS is your go-to-brand. Get in touch for info on how to buy and where to find your nearest COSAPOTS shop. 

COSAPOTS London in dark grey.

Inspiration is everywhere. On every corner. In every street. Shapes. Materials. Patterns. We use them to create our outstanding line of handcrafted flower pots and planters.

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